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  • Are deposits refundable?
    Deposits are non-refundable. Once you bring us on as planning partners, we hit the ground running immediately. Often times we get much of the planning process accomplished early on. the deposit covers much of the work done early on.
  • Do you have a caterer or photographer reference or partnership?
    Without a doubt! We have an extensive list of friendors (vendor friends). We have special partnerships with many to help you obtain the best price.
  • Why do I need an event planner?
    Planning an event can be stressful. Hiring an event professional is a way to reduce stress, save time and money, and remain organized. We understand contracts, logistics, and have vendor friends (friendors) that often times offer discounts to planner friends like us. Just as a note: Being a NC Wedding Planner is amazing, but keep in mind that we also travel as destination wedding planners too!
  • What if there’s an emergency? Can we change the date or details without additional fees?
    Absolutely! We understand that life happens. We are happy to work with you to make adjustments. As long as our calendar is open, so are we. 😉
  • What is included in event planning services?
    We offer peace of mind - it's one of those things that people love most about our team. We don't just pass along a list of vendors. We work to customize event professionals that fit not only your vision, but your budget. We also guide you through the planning process with a list of to-dos, recommendations, and step-by-step options to optimize a carefully curated experience. You also get the use of any inventory that we have in stock (chargers, vases, table numbers, frames, easels, and more). We also offer day of planning, partial wedding planning, and full service planning.
  • How do we charge for services?
    We charge a flat rate custom fee which includes our planning services, staffing, and the use of any inventory we have in stock. We require a 30% retainer/deposit, and offer monthly payment options. Full and final payment is due 2-weeks prior to your event.
  • What’s it like to work with an event planner?
    It should be like meeting a new friend. We like to consider ourselves planning partners. This relationship should be a comfortable conversation, and you should be able to feel like you can share your vision openly. Our talks are informal, yet informative. You should always walk away feeling like you've got a game plan.
  • What kind of events do you plan?
    We specialize in weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers, charity events, and grand openings to name a few. We also plan multi-cultural weddings! We love African, Muslim, and Indian weddings and enjoy submerging ourselves into the culture. We also embrace multiple religious ceremonies. We are allies to our LGBTQ+ community! #NoHateZone
  • How much experience do you have?
    We began planning professionally back in 2008. With over 14+ years of experience and training we feel quite qualified. 😁 We also have years of people experience, which means we pride ourselves on spreading good vibes, even in the midst of a long event day!
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